10 advices from an expert paper editor

When you are going to be a paper editor you need to follow some advice from the pros in the industry. All such advice is fairly relevant to the recent editing jobs on the market and modern writing styles. Here is what an expert paper editor may give you if you are seeking a career in such an industry.

Check the uniqueness

The first consideration of conducting paper editing services will be to check the uniqueness of the written words on the paper. As long as the text is original, you can continue checking other issues accordingly though some clients will not ask you to check content.

Check the language

The content provided must utilize proper language such as English with no regional influence on it. There should not be any slang in the context. Writing style should be in accordance with the direction given by the client.

Checking online Dictionary

Normally you can see that some word processors can detect problem with spelling and grammar. However, you should choose a good online dictionary while editing the paper because some processors may not pick up every grammatical error.


Spelling should be checked according to the direction given, and an editor must make sure that words which sound the same are correctly written. It can be proper US or UK in style. Microsoft word does a good job of checking errors for you.


The format should be according to the direction. Such as API format, Harvard University format, Oxford University format, Singapore format, etc. Editor will follow the direction in order to establish a workable format.


Suppose, an article on sports niche hits your desk though the client refers to is as an educational piece. If the two do not correlate the article may be discarded, or returned back to the client.

Writing style

Direction will be given on whether the article should be friendly style or professional style.

Point of view

It is also important to check if the point of view is according to the instruction.

Using Reference

The writer should use reference if he extracts something from elsewhere. When in doubt, one should always make note of where the information came from through in-text citations or reference list at the end of the work.

Using bibliography

Nowadays, word processors have given the chance of using bibliography directly from user’s computer.