How to Use Different Resources When Doing Your Physics Homework

There is no denying it, Physics, the science that studies the properties and nature of energy and matter, is a tough subject. Homework for the subject can also be quite challenging. But look closely at the definition of Physics. If you really consider the definition, what you have discovered is that Physics is truly everything around us in our daily life. It is the water pressure when we take a shower, it is the cat leaping from the couch to the chair, and it is the roller coaster plummeting down the steep hill at a local theme park.


When you are given your Physics homework, explore your world to see if you can complete the assignment exploring the things you know and love. Some sample examples of Physics and concepts include:

  • Biking or running: motion and the laws of mechanics
  • Eating snacks: heat energy converting to mechanical energy
  • Listening to music: pitch and intensity
  • Opening a door: levers and springs
  • Throwing a ball to your brother or sister: weights, gravity, trajectory, and air resistance¬†
  • Toasting bread: heat energy

This small list should open the door for you to find Physics in your life. So take a written formula from your textbook that may be complex and see how you can apply it to your world, so you can understand it. Then apply what you learned to your homework.

Tutors, Extra Help, and Labs

If you need more help than can be provided to you by self-exploration at home, then consider a tutor. Most charge from $ 25.00 to $50.00 an hour, but you may just need a session or two for homework help.

Additionally, most teachers are required to give an extra help day. Make sure you attend the help sessions when the homework is tough for Physics class. And do not forget to ask questions in class if you do not understand the work assigned for that night.

Some online labs and local labs are available for help with Physics (as well as other) homework. They do not usually solve the problem for you, but instead point you in the proper direction to find the solution. Often these labs are manned by educators, certified tutors, or retired teachers.

Help is available for you when you are doing your Physics homework. Do not despair, you are not alone!