Homework Answers Online: Advantages and Disadvantages

Homework can be hard for many students. They have trouble doing the work when alone but not while in class being taught by their teacher. The problem is usually that they forget the material by the time they get home and the textbooks don’t explain how to do it clearly enough for them. This problem is very common and no one should feel bad for having trouble with their school work at home. Recognizing one’s weaknesses only makes you stronger in the long run anyway. A lot of people go on the internet for help with the work. The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well that all depends. Going online for schoolwork had both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.


  • You have a lot of sites to choose from and therefore many different ways to learn the material or have it explained to you.
  • It is a quick and easy way to get to the right answers.
  • Many people find help online better because no one is watching if they do well or if they don’t. There is no pressure on them.
  • Whether you are a visual learner or not they have a site for you. Each site teaches in a different way for those who learn differently.
  • No matter the subject or question there is a site with an answer for you out there somewhere.


  • The information on some sites may not be completely reliable and you may get the answers wrong. You can’t be sure if your site is a reputable one or not.
  • You may rely on these sites to heavily and lose the ability to learn for yourself if you are just using them to get the answers, this will hold you back in school and in life.
  • You may be learning to do things such as math in a different way that taught in your classroom therefore making it harder for you to follow when you are in class. This can be a problem if you learned one way and are expected to do it another in class.

It may look like there are more advantages than disadvantages but the disadvantages are some pretty important ones so be sure that you are careful when using any online help of any kind. You have to learn for yourself eventually.