Free College Homework Help: Biochemistry


Students of the 21st century are lucky in that there is virtually tons of respectable homework help on the web—and I do mean respectable. In fact, the quality academic help on the web today is one thing our generation should be especially proud of making available to students –this wondrous tool of learning on the web. Even the most difficult topics academically can be mastered with help on the web from chemistry to astrophysics and, yes, even biochemistry.

Here’s how to find the best help—for free.

YouTube and Biochemistry

As one of my students recently said to the class, “I got an A in Calculus because of YouTube” and another student chimed in, “Heck, you can learn to take apart your car and replace your own engine on YouTube.” This is true. There is nothing more helpful to helping you learn something than a visual walk through with a helpful teacher—this is why school works, and it’s why YouTube works as well.

YouTube has countless introductory and advanced videos on biochemistry, from lectures to explanations of more complex issues in biochemistry. It helps to narrow down a specific kind of area within the larger umbrella of biochemistry that you need help with.

Biochemistry Department Lectures, Handouts, and Videos

Those schools who feature majors in biochemistry are often very proud of their department and videotape their professors teaching class. They also have online syllabi, handouts, exercises, and lectures that you can view online for free. You can literally get a college education online from an Ivy League university for free with online lectures from esteemed professors in any field. Google “Biochemistry Department Lectures” and see what you can find. Also try “fundamentals of biochemistry lectures. “ This turns up many helpful tutorials by university professors.

Biochemistry Tutors

There are also many sites online that have biochemistry tutors online that you can try for free. You can get help over the course of your semester by consulting different sources as you help decide which tutors are your favorites in case you decide to commit on a paid basis later. This way, you can get a whole class worth of help for free.

Online Biochemistry Practice Tests with Answers

The best way to seek out quick help to a specific problem within biochemistry that is troubling you is to try to find a sample problem that someone has already worked out. This way, you aren’t just getting the answer, you are learning how to find it.


The web is a plethora of resources designed to help you get an A in any course. There is little excuse not to ace any subject with all the free help you can get online.