How to Improve Your Essay's Style

You are in your second year of college, and by now you have mastered the art of writing an average grade garnering academic essay. Although you are satisfied with getting B and C evaluations, what you really are striving for is that A+ percentage to bump up your GPA. The feedback that you have received from your instructors is basically that your essay is “good” but it lacks “style.” You didn’t know that academic essays could have style- this is rather confusing. In class, they preach following a structured format and writing in a formal fashion. However, when you get your grade back you are being docked marks for not being stylish?

Putting A Bit of Personality Into Your Paper

In the world of academic writing “style” actually refers to the voice within the paper. Basically, once you get into higher academic writing you are not only expected to write following the proper formatting you should also be able to express your self within the confines of the paper. Yes- academic writing is supposed to be formal, but it should also say something about the subject matter that you have learned.

To put a bit of style into your writing means to write with a unique perspective or insight. The paper that you hand in should be distinctly yours as if nobody else in the entire world could of written it. Many student papers that are handed in lack this characteristic. Instead, they sound like they have been re-written from a text or that they are trying to emulate somebody else’s writing style.

Once you have mastered the art of composing a well-researched and informative paper, you can practice customizing your writing to have a bit of style. Do this, by including insightful ideas and well thought out statements. You may also want to incorporate some narrative elements like humor. Do not be afraid to put personality into your writing. You want your paper to be unique and special. This will give your paper a bit of “style” and help to make it stand out amongst the crowd. This will likely help you surpass the hurdle of average grades and finally get the A+ evaluation that you are after.