Can I rely on physical science homework answers on web?


Like anything else on the Internet there are good and reliable sites and there are sites with flaws. This generation has access to lightning fast information on any topic that they choose to search. If you want to learn more about science for projects and the information that you need cannot be found in your textbooks than they can almost always be found on the Internet. The questions is where do you look?

The Internet

The Internet is a vast place filled with both correct and flawed information. The real trick is to get your information from reliable sources. If you are reading someone’s blog and they say something about science that might be true and can help you than you shouldn’t just assume it is correct. Go to another site to verify this information. But what kind of sites are best for this? Anything ending with the following is usually reliable:

  • .gov
  • .edu
  • Sites that are ended with the following can be reliable or not:

  • .com
  • .net


Finding information like this is best done on the most reliable sites so that your information is as accurate as possible. You don’t want to go to school to find that you trusted a site with science that is unfounded and written by a person who was mistaken or maybe just believes something that is not true and wants to spread his flawed theories so more people believe it. There are a lot of people who have ideas about science that are wrong yet they truly believe it. This is why you must be careful to get your information from sources that you know you can trust completely.

Educational sites

There are educational sites set up to help with problems just like these. There are sites for math and science and all different subjects. They are there to be used for this exact purpose.  These are the best sites to use because they were set up with facts that were double checked. The designation of .edu is one that not just anyone can set up. Only certain information that is factual is allowed on these sites. They are the perfect source for all of your physical science needs and papers. If ever you have a project or a paper on physical science you can trust these sites to help you find all of the information that you need.