Key Points of Argumentative Essay Writing

Writing an argumentative essay is an exciting and interesting task that you will be able to accomplish brilliantly if you follow some simple guidelines.

Choose an Appropriate Topic

If you want to write an argumentative essay that will make an impact on the readers, you will need to choose a topic that allows you room for argument. This means that the issue you focus on must have two (or more) conflicting points of view.

Bear in mind, that unlike a persuasive essay, an argumentative paper must make a stronger claim. Therefore, the bigger the difference between your and your opponent’s views, the stronger impact you will be able to make.

Prove Your Credibility to the Audience. Do Your Research

Aristotle,one of the ancient Greek philosophers,differentiated three main persuasion tools. He called them ethos, pathos and logos. The secret of every successful argument lies with implementing a combination of those tools.

  • is a tool that allows you to prove to the readers that you are trustworthy.
  • Pathos is a tool that utilizes emotions to connect with the audience.
  • Logos is the way of using statistics and facts to build up credibility.

The most important thing you will need to accomplish with your essay is persuading the readers to believe your arguments. Therefore, you will need to research the subject thoroughly and provide facts and quotes that prove your point of view beyond any doubt.

As argumentative essay is supposed to be a bit aggressive, you shouldn’t shy away from using a commanding tone and stating exactly how some things must be done. You will also benefit from appealing to the reader’s emotions, in order to show that this argument is both logically and morally right.

Be sure to operate proven facts and provide references to official sources that can be verified. This will allow you to make a stronger impact and prove the validity of your point.

Address the Opposing Side of the Argument

Making a counterargument is essential for every argumentative paper, because if done correctly, it will helpone strengthen their position and diminish the opponent’s point.

    Addressing the opponent’s arguments will allow you to:

  • Show that you aren’t biased.
  • Prove that you’ve researched the issue thoroughly, thus increasing your credibility in the eyes of the readers.
  • Provide you an opportunity to refute any future arguments weakening the opponent’s position by striking first and eliminating weaknesses in your own argument.

In Conclusion

When writing an argumentative essay, choose a side and stick to your arguments every step of the way, in order to persuade the readers that your point of view is correct.