Writing the opinion portion of the article review

Article review is very critical kind of writing in a student’s academic life. It is supposed to be submitted before a thesis. The student has to carry out extensive research on his thesis subject and give an insight to its history and background. A literature review is usually of 20 pages. The student has to give background about the topic. The opinion portion of the article review states the writer’s own view and opinion about the published material.

Know your audience

The audience of your article review is the dissertation committee at the university. They read a lot of article reviews in a day and owing to their experience they can simply look at a paper and tell its quality of content. It is very important for you to keep your audience in your mind while you are writing your article review. They are not an ordinary audience that will accept low quality content. Make sure you stay very informative and your article review is very well-written.

Add relevant facts and figures

When you are writing any paper it is important to add facts and figures. Numerical data and statistical reports make your paper more authenticated and valid. If your argument is supported by a fact or a research figure then your reader will be more easily convinced. Facts and figures add to the validity of the paper but they should be relevant. Do not add unnecessary statistics that will not contribute in adding value to your paper. Whenever you add a name of a person or a place and a numerical figure it is important to double check it.

Be objective

The most important thing you should remember while writing your article review is staying neutral about the subject throughout the opinion section. An article review is supposed to give an honest background of the previously published material on the concerned topic. If you are biased and do not provide an objective opinion about the topic and previous author’s work then it will be obvious in the opinion section.

Keep it precise

Make sure the opinion section of your paper is brief and to the point. It is not a fiction novel where you can write as much as you want and be repetitive. Stay formal and keep your tone professional and academic. Avoid fancy writing in your article review. Don’t include obvious details when you write the opinion section