Great Advice From Straight-A Students: How To Do My Homework Properly

It is just a simple fact that not every student is going to get straight "A's" all the way through school no matter how hard they try. And there is nothing wrong with that! As long as you are willing to apply yourself and do your best, every student should be proud of what they are able to accomplish during their years in school. This does not mean that there is no room for improvement however. For those who want to try to improve their performance in school, here is some homework advice from those who make the honor roll year after year by mastering several basic techniques:

  • Set priorities: Make study your business! Ignore the phone, the TV, and everything else until you have accomplished your task.
  • Study everywhere — or anywhere: Even if you don't have your books handy it is still possible to study. Simply go through the material that you learned during the day in your mind until you understand and have memorized it. The sky is the limit if the books are handy though. Use your bus ride home, time in the car waiting for your mom to run errands, or a few spare moments during your babysitting gig.
  • A study slot: Make sure that you set aside a certain period during every day where you are going to study. Whether it is twenty minutes or one hour, just make sure that you keep it consistent. When you have no active assignments on the go, spend your allotted time reviewing what you have studied up until that point.
  • Get organized:  Keep all of your essential supplies together in one place. One small drawer or a storage box is all that you should need. That way you will not be wasting time searching for that elusive pen or calculator. Use folders to keep everything in order. Have them labeled by when they are due and keep everything written in a day planner or organizer.
  • Schedule your time: Large projects can be so overwhelming that many students leave them until it is almost too late. Divide big tasks into smaller segments that are more manageable. Always hit your deadlines, even if it means the occasional late night as the result of bad scheduling.
  • Write notes and use them: Write down the things that stick out for you as you are learning. If the teacher says something that is important, write it down. If you come up with an idea on your own, write it down. When it comes time to study for an upcoming test you will find your notes to be invaluable.