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Students around the world have different opinion about homework and teachers who assign it. Some of them find it helpful to revise what they do in class and strengthen their grasp on the subject while others may think it is hectic and time consuming. However, whether they like it or not students have to attempt their homework in order to get good grades and impress their professors.

Math homework

Math is a very demanding subject and needs enough practice and skills. Teachers assign math homework to students so that they can learn better and go through what they have already learnt in the class to strengthen their grasp on the subject. Most of the times, a math teacher will solve a certain questions from the exercise and leave the rest for the students to do it on their own at home. They pick out the most complicated sums and solve it in the class. They will teach the students alternative ways to attempt a question and show them how it can be done.

They leave it for the students to decide which method they find easy. It is important that you stay active in class and ask questions so that you do not have trouble doing it on your own

Students usually do not attempt their homework by themselves. What they do is either wait for someone else to finish his homework, take his notes, and copy them down. This is not an ideal solution and will never benefit them in the long run.

Some students try to do their homework on their own but when they sit down with a pen paper and math book they realize it is almost impossible for them to understand how to proceed. They try to recall what the teacher did but cannot figure it out. They will turn to the end of the book, look for the answer, and try to match their solution. This again is not a recommended method. The answers are given at the end of the book for cross checking not for copying

Students who fail at solving a certain math sum repeatedly will eventually turn to the guidebook and copy all the solution down

  • What they should do instead is
  • Stay active in the class
  • Take notes of the lecture
  • Attempt their homework neatly
  • Trust on a calculator rather than estimating figures
  • Recheck