Kindergarten Homework Ideas: How to Make It Simple for You

Kids need extra help making homework fun, especially when they are young. As the parent of a kindergartener there a few things you can do to help with homework.

  1. Help them create a homework space. There is a famous book series often read at this level about a young boy who claims, each time something does not go his way, that he will move to Australia. It can be fun to use a bit of pvc pipe and a spare blanket or sheet (at this age they are quite small so it does not take much) to build them an “Australia” where they can go for homework time. This can be a quiet corner where the sheet hangs over like a fort, allowing them to physically block out the rest of the world and focus only on their homework.
  2. In their workspace it is good to have a comfortable place to work. If they can work at a desk or table, away from distractions that is great. But they might also want to work sitting in their “Australia”. As they get distracted, kids might want a change of pace, scenery, or seating. If you have a lap desk on hand, they can take it with them where ever they feel like doing homework and instantly sit comfortably while they work.
  3. It is best to set a timer for homework periods. With short attention spans and a propensity for getting bored, children work better if they have a set time period during which they will work. They should be afforded small breaks in between their work, such as five or ten minutes of work, then a five minute break where they can stretch their legs, grab a snack, or walk in the yard for a minute. Physical activity such as a short walk can encourage imagination when they return to work.
  4. Giving kids a small, healthy snack before they sit down to work will also induce better homework. With hunger, children are not likely to focus on anything, but giving them a snack that contains equal parts fats, proteins, and carbs. This combination will satiate them better and keep them from getting hungry five minutes later.
  5. Work with them. If they go to “Australia”, be sure to sit outside where they can reach you if they need help. Work with them, but always let the hold the pencil.