Hints providing you with physics homework solutions

  1. It’s worth always looking back through your class notes/text books. Your homework topic should be building upon what you’ve already learned in class, and shouldn’t be vastly different. You can also contact your fellow students and ask them for advice, you could perhaps set up a discussion forum online with them, or share email addresses, or meet as a study/revision group. If you’re stuck on your homework try to contact your tutor, they’re the expert in the topic, and should be able to point you in the right direction to find the help you need.

  2. Learning physics is like learning a new language – it would be a really good idea to build up a glossary of theories, and laws and solutions as you study. You could buy a notebook, label the pages A-Z and each time you learn something new place it in your glossary under a relevant heading, you’ll find this a valuable tool when completing your homework, which you can quickly reference.

  3. It is possible to make use of online help for your physics homework. These sites cover a wide range of topic on vectors, speed, motion, waves, energy, power, forces, gravity, momentum, fluids, electricity, waves, thermodynamics, magnetism, different laws (Ohm’s law, Newton’s laws, Kepler’s laws etc) and a whole host of other physics-related topics. The site is useful because it contains solutions to practice problems, and it has quizzes. It has topics broken down in easy to find categories. This site does contain a physics tutor directory, with options of paying them by the hour (in dollars) for their help. Do remember though, that with any online help, it’s not just a case of getting the answer right for your homework. You need to understand how the answer was reached, how to work it out, how to apply the theory or law in future, to different situations, so that you’re able to do this in exams or in a real-life work situation in the future. If you are stuck on something, the key is to practice and practice it repeatedly until it becomes really easy for you to do.

  4. Some Physics help sites are good for visual and practical learners, it has lots of graphics, and videos to watch and interact with. It uses animation, and has practice tests.

  5. Some sites allow students to post their query online and get free help from tutors. My advice would be to attempt the homework first, and let them know exactly where you’re at with it, and what you’ve tried.

  6. Remember to show your working out – even if you get your answer slightly wrong, this will allow your tutor to see exactly where you started to go wrong with your answer. It’s possible you could have got it part-correct (and receive some mark for this), and just need to amend something minor.